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Sidewalk Landscape Planting Manager, Friends of the Urban Forest (San Francisco, CA)

By Conni Kunzler | December 29, 2017

Deadline: Open until filled.

The Sidewalk Landscape (SWL) Planting Manager is primarily responsible for the implementation of FUF’s sidewalk landscape planting program, including organizing 6-8 neighborhood sidewalk landscape projects per year. This is a full-time position that will include some evenings and weekends. A strong working knowledge of project management, horticulture and community organizing experience is required for this position. The position involves both office and field work including computer work, drawing plans to scale, public speaking, some heavy lifting (40 lbs.) and driving a FUF vehicle (a valid California license is required). The Planting Manager works closely with neighborhood coordinators, property owners, city departments, contractors and FUF volunteers. The position reports to the Program Director.

Details and Responsibilities:

Sidewalk Landscape Planting

  • Conduct a site analysis for each property participating in a SWL project to determine site suitability, plant species, and soil and to become familiar with utility issues and specific neighborhood context.
  • Produce a scaled drawing of the property and garden locations, including all sidewalk elements for the DPW SWL Permit Application for each property.
  • Ensure that all FUF installed sidewalk landscapes have an approved Public Works permit, including a Bureau of Urban Forestry inspection before and after installation, and submit the SWL Permit one month prior to concrete removal.
  • Conduct community meetings for planting groups to explain planting process and property owner responsibilities.
  • Notify Underground Service Alert for all properties.
  • Approve sidewalk garden and tree locations and mark sidewalks for cutting, observing USA markings and all city guidelines.
  • Collect and track all money and ensure that all project invoices are approved for payment upon receipt.
  • Collect all necessary completed forms and ensure that all required permits and required paperwork is completed prior to proceeding with any property alteration.
  • Update the FUF database in a timely and accurate manner for each property.
  • Coordinate all vendors and contractors, including providing map and work-order and direction to contractors.
  • Order all trees, plants, materials and supplies and supervise delivery.
  • Ensure adequate volunteer coverage on workdays, including organizing and notifying FUF volunteers and/or Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Coordinate and supervise workdays, including preparing maps, educating and supervising volunteers, ensuring a safe work environment and making arrangements for the Saturday potluck or other special celebrations/ ceremonies.
  • Keep an organized file of all relevant paperwork and write final project report that includes project expenses, workday narrative and photos.
  • For each planting, process invoices, forward checks to Data Administrator, write final project report and upload photos to Flickr.
  • Conduct 2-month surveys for sidewalk gardens and trees planted under their supervision including performing necessary tree care at that time (may include re-tying, re-staking and sometimes replanting).

Other Duties

  • Maintain materials and plants in inventory and provide accurate records.
  • Maintain tools in clean working order.
  • Maintain FUF truck and shed in clean and organized working order.

Office Related Duties

  • Using design software, create maps, spreadsheets and documents as needed.
  • Keep up-to-date with all correspondence, including SWL interest and property owners/care-takers involved in a SWL project.
  • Update database with SWL project data.
  • Work with other staff on special projects and day to day operations.
  • Photo taking, downloading, labeling and electronically filing.


  • Supervise and train FUF interns and volunteers as needed and maintain/update volunteer lists.
  • Train new planting managers, interns and volunteers as needed.


40 hours per week including evening meetings and Saturday plantings, full-time exempt.


$40,000 – $44,000 depending on experience.


If interested and qualified, please forward cover letter and resume to:

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