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Healthy Trees Healthy Cities Conservation Practitioner, The Nature Conservancy (Boston, MA or New York, NY)

By Conni Kunzler | September 20, 2016

Deadline: October 16, 2016

This is a one year, salaried position, and will be based in a Northeastern US The Nature Conservancy office (NYC or Boston preferably), but could potentially work from another TNC field office or home office. The Conservation Practitioner will assist TNC Forest Health Program staff in the development and implementation of two program initiatives: Tree Canopy Enhancement in 3-5 US cities in collaboration with the Trust for Public Lands and Forest Health First Detectors Network and Outreach Initiative.

The position will provide support and project management to advance these two initiatives as described in Essential Functions & Responsibilities. Duties will include: conducting outreach, coordinating with partners and volunteers; coordinating tree planting and stewardship events and trainings; collecting, assembling, and analyzing various types of data and information, and assisting in the production of reports, documents, outreach materials, presentations, and other program work products.


Assist TNC Forest Health program staff to develop and implement a tree canopy enhancement program working in close partnership with The Trust for Public Land to build healthy urban forests through tree planting in 3-5 cities, focusing on data-driven decision-making, community engagement, and collaboration.

The work will build upon TNC’s Healthy Trees, Healthy Cities initiative which protects the health of our nation’s trees, forests, and communities by fostering a culture of stewardship that engages people in the planting and care of urban trees. The project goal is to improve the health, diversity, and sustainability of urban forests to facilitate their regeneration and resiliency.

Through this project we will work with partner organizations and engage community members and youth volunteers to plant and steward trees, monitor tree health, and provide maintenance of the urban forest in the pilot cities. The initiative will also integrate elements of The Trust for Public Land’s Climate-Smart Cities™ program which emphasizes the use of green infrastructure to address multiple environmental health challenges, with a framework built around four key elements: Connect, Cool, Absorb, Protect.

The Nature Conservancy will also be working in partnership with the Continental Dialogue, AmericanHort, and National Wooden Pallet and Container Association to create a series of first detection networks and supporting educational and outreach resources for use in North America, China and the SE Asia region. We will use educational materials and resources (new and existing) and a variety of engagement and outreach platforms to enable workers in the nursery and landscaping professions and the wood pallet and container association to improve the first detectors network.

Our goal is to increase the number of citizens and workers in the nursery and wood pallet and container industries who are actively looking for and reporting high-consequence pests. These workers are at vulnerable points along high-risk pathways and educating them will strengthen the safeguarding system. This position will assist TNC Forest Health program staff to develop and implement programming around the First Detectors Network through three Outreach Initiatives.

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