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Director of Native Landscapes, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (Indianapolis, IN)

By Conni Kunzler | June 19, 2017

Deadline: July 5, 2017

The Director of Native Landscapes oversees the IPL Project GreenSpace program, Stewardship efforts for both GreenSpace and KIB Clubs, and the Urban Naturalist program and its connection to the Native Landscape Establishment Plan.

This position aims to further KIB’s mission by making a greener city through creating native, public and private natural spaces, nurturing neighbors to be more capable and connected to steward the survivability of these native landscapes, and help lead efforts to teach and engage youth in transforming spaces into contributing resources to the natural urban environment.

Duties, Functions and Responsibilities:
This position has four primary responsibilities: 1) Team Management (Urban Naturalist Program Manager, Stewardship Program Coordinator and an intern); 2) Supervise and implement projects for KIB’s IPL Project GreenSpace program; 3) Supervise the Stewardship program; 4) Supervise the Urban Naturalist Program.

Team Management:
a. Supervises a team that run three specific programs at KIB: the Urban Naturalists Program Manager and Stewardship Coordinator, and periodic interns.
b. Work with the VP of Program Strategy to identify opportunities, build relationships or refine the programs to fulfill the goals and metrics outlined in the Strategic Plan.
c. Coordinate and support programmatic efforts with each department within KIB.

IPL Project GreenSpace Supervision:
a. Lead team through the process of promoting, selecting, designing, coordinating and continuing work with project partners. Team make-up includes tactical and collaborative relationships with several KIB departments including Stewardship, Community Engagement, Volunteers, GIS-Mapping, Marketing and Development.
b. Implementation of the design for up to six greenspace projects each year.
c. Coordinate and lead work days with volunteers to build the design for at least three of the six greenspace projects each year.
d. Manage the budget for the program and work with Development to identify needs and opportunities for sponsors/funders and in-kind services.
e. Work on opportunities to present on and develop metrics about the impact of native landscapes and placemaking.

Stewardship Supervision:
a. Provide expertise and knowledge toward maintenance of native landscapes and hardscape elements.
b. Assist with developing an annual stewardship strategy with Stewardship Program Coordinator and Director of Community Engagement that will reflect the metrics within the Strategic Plan.
c. Assist with the planning, development and promotion of GreenSpace/KIB Clubs Alumni Club.
d. Assist with maintenance work days when appropriate.
e. Ensure the budget is being managed and monitored.

Urban Naturalist Supervision:
a. Provide expertise and knowledge toward the planning, designing and maintenance of riparian landscapes.
b. Assist with developing an annual implementation strategy based on the Native Landscape Establishment Plan with the City of Indianapolis and Urban Naturalist Program Manager.
c. Identify opportunities and work with the Urban Naturalist Program Manager to expand the Native Landscape Establishment Plan.
d. Assist with the planning and implementation of Enrichment Days.
e. Ensure the budget is being managed and monitored.

This position will also, when appropriate, assist with other KIB programs, including tree plantings through Community Forestry, leading projects on the Lilly Day of Service, the Great Indy Cleanup and other large volunteer-corporate days service events.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
The position requires a unique candidate who has a blend of several key abilities including an educational background and ability to passionately communicate about the importance of Indiana native plants and ecology, skills in interpreting a design and building a sustainable space, leadership and team management.

A strong candidate will also have the following skills.
• Skills in communicating and building relationships with volunteers, contractors and designers
• Native landscape planting planning and hardscape design-build experience
• Basic office and computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and budgeting
• Ability to pull a 20-25’ long trailer behind full-sized pickup truck
• Ability to operate a bobcat and skid steer
• Ability to operate a multitude of small power landscape tools: auger, tiller, etc.
• Proficiency in conversational Spanish, and educational background or experience a plus
• Exhibit KIB’s Cultural Values of Teamwork, Responsibility, Excellence, Openness, Balance and Joy.

Education and/or equivalent experience:
• Bachelor of Science in Biology, Wildlife Management, Natural Resources, Horticulture or related field.
• Minimum of 5 years of experience in landscaping, public horticulture, construction or related field.
• Certified Horticulturalist or similar certification achieved a plus.

Please submit a cover letter and resume by July 5, 2017 to:

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