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Assoc Dir., Urban Forestry Adm, District Dept. of Transportation (Washington, DC)

By Conni Kunzler | June 10, 2016

Deadline: June 15, 2016

This position is located in the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Urban Forestry Administration (UFA). This position serves as the Associate Director for UFA, with responsibility for managing, maintaining and enhancing the street tree population in the city of Washington, D.C., providing leadership to the administration staff and strategic direction to align UFA with priorities of other DDOT administrations and city agencies, coordinating with other government agencies on issues related to disease management, species selection and other matters, interacting with the public, and providing overall management of Urban Forestry Administration.

The Associated Director, UFA, plans, manages, and directs the urban forestry and landscape programs and provides scientific and technical information and advice regarding trees and the urban forest. Develops and implements innovative programs and projects, as well as policies and procedures. Conducts research, analyzes information and formulates recommendations.

Interprets and makes decision in accordance with laws, regulations, ordinances, policies and procedures. Makes public presentations and communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with a variety of individuals including other City departments, other government agencies, elected officials, community groups and boards. Organizes and participates in meetings and fund raising activities.

Establishes and maintains interactive links to the public via web- and telephone-based communications, public presentations, and printed newsletters and materials. Reviews plans and projects submitted by field managers for potential process and implementation improvements. Plans the operational and is responsible for devising the procedural guides for supervisors in scheduling of work.

Advises the Public Information Officer on issues involving the media and public regarding Urban Forestry matters. Makes contacts with high-ranking managers, supervisors and technical staff in major organizations within DDOT or in other district agencies, including Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC), Office of the Mayor, District of Columbia City Council, officials of federal agencies such as the U.S. Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service, and public groups and technical staff of contractors and private businesses. Justifies, defends, and/or negotiates as it relates to representing the program office, in obtaining or committing resources, and in gaining compliance with established policies, regulations, or concepts involving problems or issues of considerable consequence or importance to the program managed.

Mastery knowledge of principles, practices, and techniques of public administration with a specialty in urban forestry and arboriculture; public relations, marketing and public outreach techniques; relevant local, federal and state laws and regulations. Thorough knowledge and understanding of budget and program development and management sufficient to manage the agency budget, resources, develop forecast, etc.

Thorough knowledge of existing legislation governing the UFA operations in the District of Columbia is required to assess and evaluate the content and impact of new or modified legislation for impact on agency programs and resources; recommended improvement strategies; and in translating basic legislation into program goals, actions, and services, city-wide.

Demonstrated ability to provide leadership In a supervisory capacity and team based environment; and in securing the support and cooperation of the subordinate staff.

Skill in the use of a computer Including familiarity with GIS systems sufficient to work cooperatively and effectively coordinate activities and communicate effectively with individuals and community groups.

Extensive knowledge of contract management and operations in a municipal or state­ government environment. Demonstrated high level of skill in the coordination and management of contractor operations to work alongside or in conjunction with city employees and meet established citywide performance standards.

Licensures, Certifications and Special Requirements
Incumbent must be certified as an arborist and /or forester by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Incumbent may be required to work weekends, evenings, and in on call situations.

This position has been designated as an essential/emergency employee position under the provisions of District Personnel Manual Chapter 12. As such, your services may be required in emergency situations to perform crucial duties, i.e., snow removal, debris removal, transportation, shelter operation, food distribution, and communication. These duties may be performed when the government is closed or when most employees are dismissed early.

This is an “At Will” position. All positions and appointments at the management level serve at the pleasure of the appointing authority and may be terminated at any time with or without cause.

Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.

This position may be subject to criminal background checks and/or driving record checks, as well as random drug and alcohol testing pursuant to DC Act 15-620.

A Bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry or traditional forestry horticulture or a closely related major field of study is preferred or equivalent combination of education and/or experience.

Work Experience
A minimum of ten (10) years of supervisory management, operations and maintenance personnel experience is required.

Work Environment
The majority of the work is in an office setting. However, the work requires regular and recurring construction or field inspections, investigations, or surveys in which there is a considerable amount of walking, stooping, bending, and climbing.

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