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Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center LEED Platinum

By sarah | February 26, 2009

Atlanta, GA (February 26, 2009)- Trees Atlanta announced today that its Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center in the Reynoldstown Community of Atlanta has received the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum. Trees Atlanta is a nationally recognized citizens group that protects and improves Atlanta’s urban forest by planting, conserving and educating.

The Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center is designed to serve as the non-profit’s headquarters and also offers meeting and event space to the community. The Center also includes the Bartlett Tree Experts Urban Forestry Demonstration Site and the Home Depot Program Operations Center where volunteers meet each Saturday before planting and maintaining trees throughout the community.
“We are really proud of this recognition for Trees Atlanta,” said Trees Atlanta Executive Director, Marcia Bansley. She continued, “We have been greening Atlanta by planting and caring for trees since 1985, but now our board, staff, donors and volunteers can feel even more confident that Trees Atlanta is walking the talk.”
Several highlights of the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center’s include:
* On-site Rainwater Collection System which allows up to 7,500 gallons of water to be collected from the Center’s rooftop to be used for watering trees on and off site as well as for flushing toilets.
* Use of sun shades and “light boxes” (reflective metal awnings) around windows and entry ways to reflect sunlight away from the building and minimize the urban heat island effect on the property.
* Living Green Roof on the Home Depot Program Operations Center demonstrates three different rooftop planting options and allows space for solar panels.
* Geothermal heating and cooling system offers a 25-35% energy savings over traditional climate control systems by harnessing the constant temperature of the earth.
* Natural light is emphasized throughout the building. Large windows provide daylighting and offer vistas of native trees planted around the building. Sun Tubes are used in restrooms, hallways and boardroom to decrease need for electric lighting during daytime.
* Interior Courtyard (planted with 3 trees) provides additional day-lighting for entire building as well as enjoyable greenspace.
Trees Atlanta’s new headquarters was designed by Smith Dalia Architects of Atlanta, GA. Smith Dalia Architects has built its reputation on award-winning historic preservation, healthcare, multi-family, mixed-use and university architecture, plus sustainable design and consulting. Many Smith Dalia Architects projects have helped transform decayed neighborhoods into vibrant communities.
“This is a project that embraces every aspect of a building on its environment and community,” noted Smith Dalia Architects Principal, Markham Smith. He continued, “Trees Atlanta chose re-using a not-so-spectacular warehouse in historic Reynoldstown over building a new building. They are living sustainability.”
Trees Atlanta extends a special thanks to the Kendeda Fund, the Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, its Board of Directors and all those who made the new headquarters possible and looks forward to showcasing the Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center as an educational tool and for inspiring additional LEED certified projects in metro-Atlanta and beyond.
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