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TREE Davis Calls for Tree Planters

By sarah | October 26, 2007

By Sylvia Chan
Davis, CA (October 26, 2007)- On Saturday, local nonprofit TREE Davis will host a tree planting event from 9 a.m. to noon. Local volunteers are needed to help. The event is part of a weekly series of tree planting that TREE Davis sponsors in partnership with the city of Davis. The plantings are planned throughout October in conjunction with the NeighborWoods Month campaign, which is sponsored by the Alliance for Community Trees. The campaign was created by ACT to celebrate trees with the goal of promoting tree planting and tree care nationwide, according to the ACT website.

TREE Davis will be hosting weekly tree planting events until Nov. 17, with one more scheduled for Dec. 1, said TREE Davis part-time project coordinator Aaron Curtin. Curtin said he expects a good turnout for the Saturday event, even though the current list of participants looks thin, he said. “Last week we had 20 volunteers and we planted 25 trees,” he said. “I’m hoping volunteers and interested residents in the neighborhood will show up.” Tree planting offers a way to offset carbon emissions, Curtin said. “I drive a truck, so that emits a lot of carbon. To me, planting trees is a way to counteract my driving. It’s what I can do for myself and others.”
TREE Davis volunteers and city workers will plant and provide initial follow-up care to the trees, but property owners are expected to water their trees, Curtin said. If any pruning or removal of the tree is necessary, TREE Davis and the city will help out, he said.
TREE Davis encourages tree care, Curtin said. On Thursday, the organization hosted a “Young Tree Care – Back to Basics” workshop. The workshop stressed care for trees in the first 15 years, according to Curtin. “Trees are part of what’s normal,” said Curtin. “We want our kids to grow up with trees and parks, and the oxygen and shade they give off. We want to take care of trees.”
UC Davis students can volunteer for tree planting through the HumanCorps community service program. If interested, they can apply for an internship with TREE Davis, said HumanCorps student assistant Fariha Naveed. The minimum commitment time is 40 hours within one quarter, she said. To get transcript notation, students must write a paper about their internship experience at the end of the quarter.
“You can volunteer every week and do something for the community,” Naveed said.
According to the TREE Davis website, volunteers can show up or call ahead to sign up for a tree planting event. If volunteers are under 18, they must bring a waiver signed by the parent. Waivers are available online. Volunteers are also advised to wear appropriate shoes and boots that can get muddy, according to the website.
To learn more about upcoming tree plantings, or for questions about tree planting, volunteering, related events, and programs, call 759-7337.
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