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Texas Volunteers Plant Trees To Shore Up River Banks

By Conni Kunzler | November 27, 2017

Source: Gary Zupancic, “TreeFolks keeps planting trees,” The Wimberley View

Austin, TX (November 22, 2017) – Volunteers by the swarm came out to plant trees to firm up the shores of the Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas. Austin-based TreeFolks is concerned about saving the river and its banks. To stabilize the banks they are planting trees, a lot of them, in a small area.

Volunteers and a little elbow grease are the way the trees got planted. TreeFolks hopes to plant 100,000 over the next year. “There were about 45 volunteers on Saturday and we planted about 950 trees,” said Matt Mears, Reforestation Manager of TreeFolks.

Native varieties of trees were planted as they have the best rate for survival. The acreage on which the trees were planted were just out of town.

“There’s cedar elm, maple, bald cypress, box elder, red oak and a couple of other varieties,” Joanna Gammans said, Volunteer/Communications Coordinator at TreeFolks. “It’s not just for the trees, it’s for the people too.”

It was a clear day, and volunteers dug in and planted trees. One of the supervisors is Chuck McLellan. He pretty much knows how the day will go and he’s been through it before, the last 7 or 8 years.

And by showing up and volunteering for those years, he’s now a supervisor. “I was on the [TreeFolks] board for a little while, but I’d rather be with the TreeFolks. It’s well run with a dedicated staff. And besides that, I love to plant trees.”

TreeFolks have more planting dates around Wimberley and are serious about the health of the rivers in the area.

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