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Study Shows Cities Get Too Much Blame for Global Warming

By leland | October 1, 2008

London, UK (October 1, 2008)- In Environment and Urbanization, David Satterthwaite, of the International Institute for Environment and Development, published a study that uses data to exculpate cities as the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Cities are often blamed for 70 to 80 percent of emissions, although Satterthwaite shows it is closer to 40 percent.

“Blaming cities for greenhouse gas emissions misses the point that cities are a large part of the solution,” said Satterthwaite. “Well planned, well governed cities can provide high living standards that do not require high consumption levels and high greenhouse gas emissions.” He says that cities are often assigned a disproportionate share of emissions produced by neighboring industries and power plants.
Per person, city dwellers produce less CO2 than rural dwellers because city life requires less commuting and smaller homes. “The key to greening cities, he says, is to have excellent public transport and safe pedestrian and cycling routes, as in many European cities.”
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