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Pollution Credits May be Benefitting Landfills

By leland | October 20, 2008

Chicago, IL (October 20, 2008)- An analysis of America’s garbage dumps showed that they are profiting through the Chicago Climate Exchange because companies are receiving money to cut their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions while some might not actually be making additional cuts.

For over a decade landfills have collected methane released from their rotting trash and sold it as fuel. Last year they learned that doing this also qualified them to earn money for eliminating some of their GHG emissions.
“It seemed a little suspicious that we could get money for doing nothing,” said Charles Norkis, executive director of the Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority, which has raised $427,475 selling credits since February.
The Exchange’s chairman Richard Sandor defends rewarding the actions of landfills as a way to encourage others to practice the same methane collection practices. The Federal Trading Commission, however, is investigating whether the marketing is deceptive, to see if credits issued really represent cuts that would not have happened otherwise.
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