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One million trees to be planted across U.S.

By sarah | September 3, 2009

By Meredith Cohn
Baltimore, MD (September 3, 2009)- Over the next five years an ambitious group plans to plant one million trees across the United States. The American Bar Association, is partnering with the Alliance for Community Trees and Baltimore’s Parks & People Foundation and will kick off the effort Sept. 23 at Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School in West Baltimore.

Parks & People, the local ACT affiliate, will bring together volunteer ABA members, students, teachers and community members to plant 10-15 trees in the schoolyard and around the building. They will also weed and mulch and plant flower beds.
Organizers say the event will also serve as a start point for NeighborWoods Month, which is a community service campaign to build awareness of trees that not only beautify the cities where they are planted but help fight climate change. The Home Depot Foundation has provided grant money for the program.
More information about the effort is here. The public is welcome to come help with plantings. The local school event starts at 9 a.m. But organizers are encouraging people in general to plant more trees and care for trees.
On that front, Parks & People have a tree sale going on now- $30 to $55 a tree- and an adopt-a-tree program for those with out yard space. Coupons for $25 off are available from the Department of Natural Resources.
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