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New ACT Member- Elm Watch

By sarah | March 14, 2007

Canaan, CT (March 14, 2007)- Elm Watch was formed in 1999 as a volunteer, nonprofit citizen organization, because of a need for someone to apply state-of-the-art preventive technologies to further the preservation of heritage elms. Likewise, advances in plant genetics presented an opportunity to begin reliable restoration of the American elm in many community forests. Through outreach and public education efforts, Elm Watch raises awareness of the American elm, and, in turn, develops public appreciation for the larger community forest.

Elm Watch has grown from a few members into a network of partners intent on stewarding and planting elms and diverse tree species in the community forest. Since inception, they have attracted the participation of advisors from the National Arboretum, Bartlett Tree Research Laboratory, and several other public and private institutions. They invite individuals, organizations, and municipalities to support them in their mission.
Their core programs include:
* Heritage Elm Preservation
* American Elm Restoration
* Community Forestry Outreach & Education
Elm Watch operates under the 501c3 umbrella of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.
For more information, visit Elm Watch.

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