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New ACT Member- City of Portland

By leland | March 3, 2010

Portland, OR (March 3, 2010)- The City of Portland’s Urban Forestry Commission is comprised of volunteers who have demonstrated an interest in the preservation of trees and the beautification of Portland. The Commission reviews development plans and assesses the impact on the urban forest. It also acts as an appeal board for right-of-way street tree permits, sponsors the Heritage Tree Program, and educates the community about urban forestry issues.

The Portland Parks and Recreation aims to sustain a healthy park and recreation system in order to make Portland a great place to live, work and play. On a weekly basis, the organization sponsors Green Walks in an arboretum in which city residents and their families can learn to identify trees by their leaves and hear stories about the significance of trees to cultures around the world. In addition, Portland Parks & Recreation contributes to the city’s vitality by:
* Establishing and safeguarding the parks, natural resources, and urban forest that are the soul of the city, ensuring that green spaces are accessible to all;
* Developing and maintaining excellent facilities and places for public recreation, building community through play and relaxation, gathering and solitude; and
* Providing and coordinating recreation services and programs that contribute to the health and well being of residents of all ages and abilities.
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