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Indianapolis Goes Live with Indy Land Bank Web Site

By leland | September 1, 2008

Indianapolis, IN (September 1, 2008)- The Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development’s Indy Land Bank, established in 2006, acquires abandoned, tax-delinquent, and other problem properties within Marion County and makes them available to developers, nonprofits, and individuals. In the latest move to rid Indianapolis of the thousands of abandoned sites that dot the city and draw crime to neighborhoods, the land bank just launched a new web site so that interested parties can search available properties and download application forms.

Hoping to make neighborhoods safer while also offering affordable housing, sworn safety officers receive special consideration for land bank purchases, making it possible to acquire a property for $2,500 or by agreeing to live in the property for more than three years. The City is also considering following the lead of other cities by establishing a problem-properties unit to aid in the prosecution of delinquent property owners.
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