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Bag Snagger Frees Trees

By sarah | April 1, 2007

New York (April 1, 2007)- Once you start looking, plastic bags in trees are everywhere. Until now, they were also tantalizingly out of reach. Presenting…the Bag Snagger, a new, patented tool designed specifically for removal of plastic bags and other debris from trees. Ideal for arborists, clean up crews, and anyone that is sick and tired of seeing ugly litter stuck in our otherwise beautiful trees. Now you too can help free the trees.

Billions of plastic bags are choking our planet. All of these “free” bags ultimately cost both consumers and the environment plenty. Each year billions of bags end up as ugly litter. Eventually they break down into tiny toxic bits polluting our soil, river, lakes and oceans. Production requires vast amounts of oil.
Since 2003 has been a major force providing facts and news on the global push to reduce plastic and paper bag consumption. Plus, simple actions you can take to help the cause.
The Bag Snagger works so well, it’s now being used by several organizations in New York City, including the Central Park Conservancy and the New York Restoration Project. But the Bag Snagger is more than just a serious tool; its inventors have so much fun with it, snagging bags has replaced golf as their favorite pastime!
The basic Bag Snagger has a 12 ft. telescoping fiberglass pole with Snagger attachment allowing you to reach approximately 20 ft. up. Add up to four of our lightweight 6 ft. fiberglass extension poles to increase your reach to nearly 40 ft allowing you to get rid of virtually all ugly litter stuck in trees.
Made in USA
Bag Snagger Cost- $230
Extension Poles Cost- $55
Each lightweight pole weighs just over 1 lb.
For more information, visit Reusable

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