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Shell and Tree Canada to plant 120,000 trees across Canada

By sarah | September 21, 2007

Calgary (September 21, 2007)- Shell and Tree Canada today announced an
extensive tree-planting program. Backed by a $235,000 contribution to Tree Canada from Shell, the program will see more than 120,000 trees planted across sites in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec that need reforestation.

“Shell’s work with Tree Canada contributes to greener communities and is
an important component of our voluntary commitment to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs),” said Rob Seeley, General Manager of Sustainable Development for Shell’s Oil Sands division. “While we are making progress on GHG-related technology- such as energy efficiency plans and carbon capture and storage- tree planting remains an integral and visible component of our voluntary GHG management portfolio.”
The bulk of the tree-planting program will occur in Fort St. John, British Columbia, and the Buffalo Lake Moraine Conservation Area near Stettler, Alberta and will include replanting of lands that have been affected by the mountain pine beetle outbreak. Other sites include Quebec City (to help commemorate the city’s 400th anniversary), the Toronto waterfront area, and Stanley Park in Vancouver to help restore the damage caused by last fall’s windstorms.
As part of the program, Shell employees are at the Buffalo Lake Moraine Conservation Area today taking part as volunteers in the tree planting activities. Approximately 70,000 seedlings will be planted on the 65-acre site.
“The success of our tree planting program hinges on the leadership of companies like Shell,” said Michael Rosen, President, Tree Canada. “We are thrilled they are contributing both volunteer time and funding to this important program. It is a relationship where we both benefit.”
The tree planting will result in an estimated 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide sequestration. Since 1998, Shell and Tree Canada have planted 716,000 trees across Canada, resulting in an estimated 420,000 tons of CO2 sequestration.
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