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New ACT Member- Tree Stewards of Greater Lynchburg

By sarah | May 5, 2007

Lynchburg, VA (May 5, 2007)- Tree Stewards and the City of Lynchburg maintain trees on city property and the right-of-way throughout Lynchburg. General maintenance typically includes pruning, removal of low limbs over the street and sidewalk, as well as limbs that interfere with signs and lights or impede traffic flow.

Every effort is made to sustain urban trees in a healthy and cost effective manner. However, as trees decline or die and become hazardous they are removed. Firewood resulting from the removal of a city tree is given away on a first come-first served basis.
The city also maintains a program called Operation Plant-A-Tree. Over the past 10 years of this program, the City of Lynchburg has planted approximately 350 trees annually. Currently, Operation Plant-A-Tree provides funding for 40% of the newly planted trees. Money for this program is generated through the City’s Drop-Off Recycling program.
For more information, visit Tree Stewards of Greater Lynchburg.

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