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New ACT Member- Town of Matthews

By sarah | July 24, 2009

Matthews, NC (July 24, 2009)- Matthews has kept its small town feeling and identity, while continuing to grow. Attractive neighborhoods, a variety of churches, quality schools and an outstanding medical center make for a full service community. Above all, people feel safe and secure here. Streets in Matthews exude a small town charm – overarching street trees, attractive landscaping, understated signage, and wide, shaded sidewalks. Small parks and natural areas dot the community. Retail parking lots, once viewed as “seas of asphalt”, have been broken up, softened, and shaded with landscaped islands and perimeter buffers.

As the community has grown, Matthews has steadily added to its system of parks and open space. Several larger park and open space areas have come about, through advanced planning and property acquisition by the Town. Many smaller park and open space areas have been created as part of the Town’s routine development approval process. Tools such as cluster development, open space incentives, conservation easements, and land dedication (or fees in lieu of land dedication) have ensured that new developments provide for their fair share of park and open space areas. In addition, an extensive system of greenway trails, primarily adjoining area streams, connects many schools, parks, open spaces, and neighborhoods in Matthews.
Matthews continues to work toward becoming a very walkable and bikeable community. New streets, as well as improvements to existing streets, are designed for multiple users (motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians) -according to the level of traffic intended. Most streets have sidewalks on both sides; many larger streets have bike lanes. Designated crosswalks are evident throughout Matthews, especially in the downtown area.
Matthews has worked to minimize adverse impacts to the region’s air and water quality. The Town’s growth policies and development standards have reduced automobile dependency. Matthews’ walkable neighborhoods and nearby services are designed to generate less traffic and require shorter distances to shop or work. Streams and drainage ways passing through Matthews receive less storm water runoff and pollution due, in part, to policies on tree preservation, landscaped parking areas, and vegetated buffer strips adjoining stream channels and roadsides. Solid waste levels have been substantially reduced through area-wide recycling efforts.
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