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New ACT Member- Knox Parks Foundation

By sarah | November 28, 2007

Hartford, CT (November 28, 2007)- Using horticulture as a catalyst, Knox Parks Foundation works in partnership with residents, businesses, and government to build stronger, greener and more beautiful communities in Greater Hartford, with a special emphasis on the Capital City itself.

Betty Knox started the Knox Parks Foundation in 1966 when she established a trust fund to help improve the city. Following her death, during its first decade, Knox developed two areas of focus: funding community development and operating “greening” programs. In 1976, the organization split, with the Knox Foundation continuing the funding function and the Knox Parks Foundation focusing on horticulture. From 1978 to 2000, the Knox Parks Foundation was located in the caretaker’s cottage in Hartford’s Elizabeth Park. In 2000 Knox moved its entire operation to Laurel Street when the city of Hartford undertook renovation of the cottage and its conversion to a park visitors center.
The Knox Parks Foundation aims to:
* Change minds, awakening awareness of the importance of horticulture and the environment to the development of a healthy city, and providing people with the skill sand knowledge necessary to make a difference.
* Enable people to act on their beliefs in the importance of a healthier and more beautiful city by providing technical and physical support and access to other resources.
* Take action on behalf of the city and its residents carrying out projects that require our special resources and capabilities.
* Work cooperatively with other towns and organizations in the Greater Hartford area to promote the mission of Knox Parks Foundation.
For more information, visit Knox Parks Foundation.

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