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ACT Members Benefit from National "All At Once" Campaign

By megan | July 21, 2010

College Park, MD (July 21, 2010)- Several Alliance for Community Trees (ACT) member organizations are participating in the 2010 All At Once fundraising campaign sponsored by musician Jack Johnson. As part of the All At Once campaign, Jack Johnson’s 2010 To The Sea concert tour is collaborating with over 150 community groups focusing on environmental issues and hands-on community projects, including tree planting.

Through October 15, the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation will match
every dollar donated at a concert or online to participating non-profit
partners, up to $2,500. ACT members from nine different states are taking advantage of this unique fundraising opportunity.  Participating organizations include Cascade Land Conservancy in Seattle, Friends of Trees in Portland, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Kids Ecology Corps in Fort Lauderdale, Openlands in Chicago, Texas Trees Foundation in Dallas, The Greening of Detroit, Tree Utah in Salt Lake City, Trees Atlanta, and more.

“We think it’s great that Jack Johnson is helping community-based organizations in cities across the country,” said Alice Ewen, Executive Director of the Alliance for Community Trees. “The All At Once campaign recognizes the direct impact of ACT member organizations and similar environmental groups in making their communities cleaner, greener, and healthier.”

In addition to the match for funds raised at concerts in the non-profit partner’s city or donated directly to the non-profit, there is an online video challenge that benefits the non-profits. 2010 All At Once partners have uploaded short video clips to the All At Once website. Each time someone views a video to completion, the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation will donate $1 to the associated group.

100% of Jack Johnson’s 2008 tour profits were used to establish the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation, an endowment founded by Jack and Kim Johnson to support environmental, art and music education now and into the future. As part of the 2010 world tour, the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation will offer direct and matching donations to All At Once partner non-profits. Jack Johnson will once again donate 100% of his 2010 tour profits to charity.

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