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35,000 new trees will soon green U.S. cities

By megan | October 21, 2010

By Wendy Koch
USA Today
Washington, DC (October 21, 2010)- This weekend across the USA, volunteers are slated to plant more than 20,000 trees as part of a month-long effort to help green U.S. cities. The sixth annual October event, known as National NeighborWoods Month, is enlisting more than 20,000 volunteers to plant 35,000 trees in 150 U.S. cities, says its organizer, the National Alliance for Community Trees, a Maryland-based network of 170 groups.

The biggest push comes Saturday, dubbed “Make A Difference Day,” when many other U.S. efforts will occur. In California, the Healthy CommuniTrees initiative will plant more than 3,000 trees statewide and in New York City, volunteers will plant thousands of trees at public parks.
“People everywhere are looking for simple, affordable ways to go green and improve their communities,” said Alice C. Ewen, the alliance’s executive director. “Just by shading a home, you can cut summer energy use by a third, eliminating harmful emissions. What’s more, that same shade tree will clean the air, save money, and enhance your home’s curb appeal.”
The Home Depot Foundation is funding the National NeighborWoods program, which will include efforts this weekend to plant trees in low-income neighborhoods in — among other places — Greenville, S.C., Asheville, N.C., and Dallas.
The National Wildlife Federation says 60 million to 200 million spaces exist along U.S. city streets where trees could be planted. If trees were added in each one, they could absorb 33 million more tons of carbon dioxide annually and save $4 billion in energy costs each year, according to the Alliance for Community Trees, which says it’s planted 15 million trees since its founding in 1993.
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